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Birchall & Co. started as a solution to an outcry of our friends and business world connections, who needed digital marketing solutions that were tailored to their unique businesses. 


Having run multiple businesses and agencies ourselves, we decided that we wanted to pursue a passion project that turned into our current day livelihood. That passion project was to rid ourselves of the "cookie-cutter packaged up marketing price list" mindset that we have been overexposed to for years and to shoot for the clients whose businesses weren't cookie cutter and didn't require the standard solution.


As a digital marketing agency, we wanted to work with businesses whose needs would stretch us and who we could engrain ourselves with.


And that is where Birchall & Co started, where we are and where we hope to always be.


Just as all clients must qualify potential marketing agencies when they are choosing the best fit for themselves, we also qualify our clients. This is not based on the traditional agency qualifications of marketing budget and size of the business, this qualification is based on a different criteria set. We want to work with clients who seek to not just be another tree in the forest, but that want to stand out and offer something different. Too many businesses never began with the desire to solve their customer's needs through their services, but if our clients are out there daily solving consumer's needs, then our job to bolster their digital marketing footprint becomes a fun one.


So, we challenge you, don't over or under qualify us or yourselves just based on what you see and read here. If you're serious about wanting to increase the digital scope of the brand you love, we'd love to chat.




Every day we wake up with one thing on our mind .... and that is coffee (if you were looking for something profound, our morning routine isn't that .... all we are is honest).

But once the caffeine sinks in, our aim is to focus on how to increase our client's digital stranglehold on their industry more. 

Whether that requires up-skilling ourselves, updating campaigns that we have running or collaborating on new ideas, we never stop waking up with our client's needs in mind (....after getting our caffeine hit)

The size of your company is not a pre-qualifier for us. Your current day position is not where you will end up one day. Whether you're a small, medium or large business, we respect all businesses that are ambitious about who they want to become. 

Your business is unique, therefore it requires a marketing plan that is unique. We don't roll out the same cookie-cutter packages as what other agencies do. We believe in taking the time to develop a strategy that fits hand-in-hand with what your business's goals are, and executing it.





13 Bando St, Pacific Paradise, QLD, 4564

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