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The Story Of Why

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

There has never been a question about whether or not to do a blog for Birchall & Co.

I love the challenge of articulating thoughts into something worthy of the time it takes to consume. With the modern movement towards video content, our brains are conditioned away from the desire to read words. I am perennially guilty of this. So therein lies the challenge, to write something worth reading.

As Digital Marketers we are supposed to compose blogs for SEO and “Click Bait” purposes.

I am supposed to write:

- What digital marketing trends should your business implement in 2019

- 11 ways to boost your social media following …. FOR FREE

- How I got 1 million leads from a $5 campaign

All of these are well and good. I’ll get bulk traffic to my site, potentially sign up for a 4-week trial and then bounce on to the next gimmick if the results don’t stack up. But I don’t want my company to become adulterated by gimmicks. I want it to be beneficial. I want it to be more.

So that is why am I am beginning my first blog with “THE STORY OF WHY”.

It seems appropriate to start there. Birchall & Co. currently exists, but why?

I grew up as a talker, a salesman and as my mum puts it a “charmer”. In line with my love of numbers and business, these attributes all pointed me towards aiming for a career in business and marketing.

On my first university open day, I rocked up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to absorb everything that came at me. That was until I was greeted with an opening line from one of the head lecturers that stopped me in my tracks. The cold cruel reality check of the industry came with the statement “a good marketer is someone who knows how to sell something to someone, even when they don’t need it.” Essentially, the way to be successful is to convince people that they are lacking, less than perfect and inconsequential. They then come to the rescue with a product, service or solution that solves a need that never existed until they created it.

Talk about a bleak outlook to my next 50 odd years of working.

If we have a look at the culture of today though, most of the marketing around points to the fact that this grumpy old professor could be right. We get told we don’t look good enough, we don’t live lavish enough, we don’t eat well enough, we don’t have enough …. That is until we buy this one product or service that changes all of that. You are now complete, whole and empowered to be the person of your dreams ….. Until we tell you what your next dream should be.

If you don’t believe me then look at your Instagram feed right now and tell me I am lying. If you do believe me then you’re almost in a worse situation. We then both realise that we are being sold lies daily and still can’t seem to switch off from them. Our psychology is warped by this marketing trap.

But in the midst of this content maddened society there are brands and companies that exist with pure intentions. I love hearing the stories of businesses birthed out of a consumer need and not a created need. What I mean by this is that there are companies with more integrity out there that have seen a GENUINE lack or something missing in the world, their community or their industry (not one they have created) and aim to change that. I’m talking about companies willing to spend more time on improving the standard of customer service, seeking more for their local region, looking at sharing profits with charities, creating workplaces where other people than just the owners can flourish and profit and also making products that last. These companies are our heroes. They are the reason Birchall and Co. exists.

At Birchall & Co. we have some amazing clients who exist for bigger purposes and we are growing that list steadily. Our client criteria checklist doesn’t start with how much money you make, your organisational size and where we predict you will be in 5 years. Our criteria is simply ‘do you exist to fulfil a real need out there?’

If the answer to that question is a “YES”, then we’d love to look at your marketing challenge. If your answer to that is a “WE DON’T KNOW” then that’s great, we love helping businesses discover their why. If your answer to that is a “NO” then our response is, “well it might not now, but do you want it to be?” You can answer that one for yourselves.

Essentially what we are at Birchall & Co. are digital story tellers and promoters. Yes, we help sell your product or service, but the heart behind what we do is to tell your story. This can come to fruition through the websites we develop for you, the ads we place, the social media content we create, the blogs we write and so many more avenues. But we love to tell the story of the purpose driven guys out there.

Going back to the purpose of this blog, our “Why” is to promote your “Why”! It’s a simple philosophy, a great challenge and a fulfilling one for us.


To close this inaugural blog, I want to revisit and rephrase that statement made from my grumpy old university lecturer …

“a good marketer connects needs to a business with solutions”.

This is our why!

If you would like to a hand in discovering your why then we'd love to help you find it. Contact us at www.birchallandco.com.au

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